The Weekly Log

Pancakes, and Bears and St David's, Oh My!

Pancakes, and Bears and St David's, Oh My!

Friday 28th February 2020
Helen - Nursery Manager

This week we have been celebrating Pancake Day. The children were able to add their own toppings which allowed discussions on textures and why they liked those toppings. What a fun day!

On Thursday we celebrated International Polar Bear Day! I know, we didn't know it existed either! Anyway, the children created their own polar bears and we talked about the climate in which polar bears live and that it is very cold but the bears have lovely thick fur to keep them warm! We all learned a lot that day and all have a bigger appreciation for these wonderful animals.

On Friday we began our St David's Day celebrations by wearing our rugby tops or anything red. We have a lovely display of daffodils in reception and the children were encouraged to look and smell them to prompt discussions on how they had grown and how they represent Wales.

On Monday we will continue our St David's Day celebrations so come back next week to hear of all the fun we had!