The Weekly Log

Weekly Log - Ice Play

Weekly Log - Ice Play

Friday 31st January 2020
Helen - Nursery Manager

This week our Foxes group have been enjoying Ice Play. Their task was to get the animals out of the ice. This proved harder than it looked! We had all kinds of animals that needed saving and so we chipped away at the ice or waited for it to melt! This prompted questions on, What makes the ice melt? What is ice when it has melted? Is the ice warm or cold? We were then able to extend the activity to include a story about polar bears and igloos. Recently we made an igloo in Foxes which helped the children to understand about ice and cold and how people live or lived in colder countries.

Our younger children have enjoyed sensory bags where they have been able to safely explore textures to see if they were hard, soft, movable, stationary etc. Sensory bags enable children to look at cause and effect. For example they can see that if they push this liquid it may spread out or collect in one area.

We have recently been awarded a Level 5 EHO rating which we are very proud of. We have also been selected by the welsh government for a grant to landscape our garden. We are the first nursery to receive this grant and we are looking forward to seeing the end result in March (weather permitting!)