The Weekly Log

The Weekly Log - World Nursery Rhyme Week

The Weekly Log - World Nursery Rhyme Week

Friday 22nd November 2019
Helen - Nursery Manager

This week the nursery has celebrated World Nursery Rhyme Week. This has been a wonderful week for the children as they love singing and learning new songs. Activities have included creating shapes with playdough to match the playdough mats. We have also made spider puppets and finger puppets. The children have coloured lots of pictures of their favourite nursery rhyme too.

On Thursday we made origami boats. The children were then able to put the boats into the water to see if they floated or sunk. This encouraged the children and the staff to share ideas on what else they thought would sink or float in the water.

Children love experiments and at The Learning Tree we encourage all our children to explore and learn something new every day. Next week we will be looking at the weather and how we feel in cold weather, hot weather, windy weather and on rainy days. This will encourage the children to talk about their experiences and promote links between home life and nursery life.